About Celtic Management Solutions

‘ Turnover is vanity, profit is reality, cash is king ’

Simon Calder

Simon’s 25 years of experience taught him that the old adage ‘Turnover is vanity, profit is reality, cash is king’ is true for all businesses. As a management consultant, he applies this principle to the analysis and strategic advice that he offers to businesses.


Simon Calder and the team at Celtic Management Solutions provide advice and strategies for:

Simon Calder’s results speak for themselves. Following many years of delivering outstanding sales and profits within the consumer and business-to-business sectors, he was headhunted to set up a new retail store on the Central Coast. Within five months, this store became the most profitable outlet of 100 stores for the same retailer. Simon went on to apply his business knowledge and experience to other clients across different industries. He delivered solid results and this led him to formalise his business structure and launch Celtic Management Solutions.

Simon’s experience spans many industries and company departments from customer service, sales, finance, distribution, marketing and human resources.

Importantly, Celtic Management Solutions offer flexible engagement packages to suit the business and the client.

How Can We Work With You

Management Consulting

You can engage us on a traditional fixed fee arrangement as a management consultant.

Joint Venture

We will provide business advice and expertise on a fee plus profit share basis. Joint ventures work best where a long-term business relationship is planned.

Business Partner 

If you have a skills gap in your business but don’t have the resources to hire a full time CEO or other specialist manager, we can fill that important gap.


Take advantage of our network of professionals. We will introduce an expert who will suit your business culture and objectives.