Turn your business around with the help of Celtic Management Solutions

Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle


The most important place to start when trying to turn around a struggling business is ‘understanding’. Understanding what hasn’t worked or what has gone wrong along the way. If you have survived the last three years in business, there is a good chance Celtic Management Solutions can turn around your business. 


If you still passionately believe in your business and are ready to acknowledge you need help, we are ready to support you and get your profits back on track. Call us today.

What We Offer

  • Assess the scalability of your current business structure.

  • Marketing Strategy, Business Plan and Financial Forecast for different expansion models.

  • Evaluate the impact on your company of employed staff, contract staff or commission-only staff.

  • Identify the best model for expanding your business.

  • Devise a robust action plan and procedures so that the business expansion happens smoothly.



The tenpin bowling sector had been in decline and this business was no exception. Celtic Management Solutions implemented changes, including modernisation, a focus on customer service and increased merchandising opportunities. This centre became the most profitable in Australia, doubling its net profit and bucking the industry trend.


This business was operating at 0.4% profit, despite an impressive $1m+ turnover. Celtic Management Solutions’ financial analysis revealed that the on-site café was draining profits. The client followed advice about realistic café product pricing and staffing levels and within one year, net profit was up to 5.7% and is currently at nearly 11%. A true business turnaround!

How Can We Work With You

Management Consulting

You can engage us on a traditional fixed fee arrangement as a management consultant.

Joint Venture

We will provide business advice and expertise on a fee plus profit share basis. Joint ventures work best where a long-term business relationship is planned.

Business Partner 

If you have a skills gap in your business but don’t have the resources to hire a full time CEO or other specialist manager, we can fill that important gap.


Take advantage of our network of professionals. We will introduce an expert who will suit your business culture and objectives.