Expand your business reach with the help of Celtic Management Solutions

Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle


Have you been thinking about expanding your business? If so, you’ve probably realised how many options there are to consider. These include employing staff, contracting staff, servicing a larger area from one office, opening a new office, franchising your business, selling licences… the list goes on.


Celtic Management Solutions will model different options for your business expansion, and also give you advice on how each choice could impact your IT systems, your reporting systems, staff costs and ultimate business profitability. 

What We Offer

  • Assess the scalability of your current business structure.

  • Marketing Strategy, Business Plan and Financial Forecast for different expansion models.

  • Evaluate the impact on your company of employed staff, contract staff or commission-only staff.

  • Identify the best model for expanding your business.

  • Devise a robust action plan and procedures so that the business expansion happens smoothly.



This client was investing in a new technology under a ‘handshake deal’ with no secured rights. Celtic Management Solutions investigated and then re-negotiated exclusive distribution rights, set up wholesale distribution channels and is continuing to develop expansion opportunities.


A previous partner had misused funds, leading to financial difficulties for this business. Celtic Management Solutions re-structured the company and results improved dramatically within six months. Solid fiscal oversight and management systems enabled the client to confidently enter a new Joint Venture agreement and this business has now expanded into Queensland, Victoria and soon, Perth.

How Can We Work With You

Management Consulting

You can engage us on a traditional fixed fee arrangement as a management consultant.

Joint Venture

We will provide business advice and expertise on a fee plus profit share basis. Joint ventures work best where a long-term business relationship is planned.

Business Partner 

If you have a skills gap in your business but don’t have the resources to hire a full time CEO or other specialist manager, we can fill that important gap.


Take advantage of our network of professionals. We will introduce an expert who will suit your business culture and objectives.