Have you thought about exit strategies or succession planning for your business?

Let Celtic Management Solutions assist you to plan the future of your Central Coast, Sydney or Newcastle business.


When you want to move on to a new venture or perhaps into retirement, there’s a lot to consider. Should you sell your business, wind it up, or perhaps take a step back from the day-to-day management but continue as a non-executive director? It may even be the case that your ‘exit’ strategy includes radical expansion plans for your business under a new structure.

Celtic Management Solutions will help you evaluate your exit plans or succession options, taking into account the financial position of your business. We can also advise on restructuring to increase the future valuation of your company.

What We Offer

  • Financial analysis of your existing business and modelling of future exit scenarios.
  • Succession plan for future sale, merger, non-executor directorship, employee or family buy-out.
  • Marketing and strategy including possible rebranding and restructure.
  • Packaging of your business so that it is ready to buy ‘off the shelf’—more attractive to potential buyers and reduces buyer’s expenses.
  • Introduction to highly qualified associates to ensure you have access to a full range of business expertise.



The owners wanted to sell the business and Celtic Management Solutions developed a twelve month exit plan. A business broker valued the business initially at $2m. There was a wholesale and retail side of the business, so Celtic Management Solutions financially restructured the business and the two divisions were sold separately for $2.54m. The owners were delighted with the outcome.


The business owner already had an exit plan to retire and be paid as a non-executive Director, but this previously profitable business had started making major losses, with one year to go until the planned retirement. Celtic Management Solutions implemented a full review and discovered $500k of non-invoiced work. Thanks to Celtic, $375k was recovered and new fiscal management, staffing and software have put the business owner firmly on track for retirement in two years’ time at the age of 40.

How Can We Work With You

Management Consulting

You can engage us on a traditional fixed fee arrangement as a management consultant.

Joint Venture

We will provide business advice and expertise on a fee plus profit share basis. Joint ventures work best where a long-term business relationship is planned.

Business Partner 

If you have a skills gap in your business but don’t have the resources to hire a full time CEO or other specialist manager, we can fill that important gap.


Take advantage of our network of professionals. We will introduce an expert who will suit your business culture and objectives.